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Meet Our Board of Directors

Tigard Lacrosse Club holds monthly board meetings. Active members in good standing of Tigard Lacrosse Club are welcome to attend board meetings. Please contact the Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

John Robinson


Sean Sullivan

Vice President High School Boys

Tiffany Hendriksen


Holly Chesler

Referee Coordinator

Angie Parker

Volunteer Coordinator

Ryan Taddeo

Vice President Youth

Steve Weakland


Paige Flanagan

Master Scheduler

Jason Freeborn

Equipment Coordinator

Dallas Freeman

Merchandise Coordinator

Stephanie Hoke

Vice President High School Girls

Nathan Ball


Fabio Testa

Girls Coordinator

Matt Adamson

Fields Coordinator

Marcus Hagood


Currently Open Board Positions (2019/2020)

Schedule Coordinator:  The Schedule Coordinator will work with the OYLA and OGLA along with neighboring clubs to develop a well-balanced schedule for all TLC youth teams.  This position is required to attend no less than 4 scheduling meetings per year.  The Schedule Coordinator is responsible for creating and distributing a master youth schedule to all coaches and board members as well as uploading scheduling information and locations to our websites team pages for our members to easily access.  In addition, the scheduling coordinator must maintain the schedule throughout the year as times and locations are always subject to change for a variety of reasons.  It is expected that the Scheduling Coordinator will be proactive in scheduling games with neighboring clubs prior to attending OYLA/OGLA Scheduling meetings.


Webmaster: The Webmaster is responsible for maintaining and bettering the TLC website, keeping all information current and prudent as well as working with coaches and other board members to include required team content. 


Social Media Manager:  The Social Media Manager is responsible for creating content and maintaining all TLC Social Media outlets.  This position requires at least partial attendance of most if not all TLC events and select games throughout the year for Fiddlesticks through Varsity for both boys and girls. 




Board meetings are held on the second Monday of every month at 6:30 PM at 16570 SW 72nd Ave in Tigard.